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The State shall ensure the promotion of offshoring through the participation in the development of the necessary infrastructure, the provision of training opportunities, the establishment of mechanisms for the support of investors working in this field; in order to support their business, promote their services and ensure the strengthening of the partnership between Tunisian companies with the aim of attracting foreign investment in the field of offshoring.

The "Smart Tunisia" project aims to promote

offshoring activities in the field of Information and Communication Technology.

In this context, the Tunisian State offers a benefits package

to companies wishing to join the project 

"Smart Tunisia". It comes mainly from:

  • Support in skills development costs and additional upgrade for new recruits among unemployed for the first time through the national fund for employment with a maximum of 5000 dinars in respect of each new recruit.

  • The granting of a recruitment bonus for a period of 7 years amounting to 700 dinars per year and, in respect of each recruitment of an applicant for employment for the first time.

  • Support by the State of the employer contribution of the promoter in the statutory social security scheme at the rate of every contract of employment concluded with a primo-applicant for employment, a diploma of higher education. This support applies

    for a period of 5 years from the date of recruitment.

In addition, the State undertakes to furnish necessary facilities

for the benefit of companies working in the field of offshoring for simplify them the procedures to the various public services.